Who has the biggest pair McLennan or Park


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One for the contract guys to sort out

John Clark 2nd August 2021 At 13:42

Paddy Malarkey 2nd August 2021 At 12:18
‘..new sponsoprship logo on it’s shirt as it clashes with the personal business of it’s chairman .’
Douglas Park had a car dealership business [Robert Wyper (Motors) ltd but that was dissolved nearly two years ago.
Has he got another one?
or is there another RIFC plc/TRFC director who has a car dealership?
Is it another bolloks-up by the SPFL board negotiators , not checking out whether the members were all happy with ‘cinch’?
Or is their a clause in the sponsorship contract allowing TRFC not to advertise the sponsor?
If there is such a clause, then there’s no story, really.
Guessing the contracts/sponsership is with the league and not individual members if they don't like it fk em dock them points and fine them it really is that simple

rip sevco

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A hate oor board as much as a hate sevco...n a didny think that possible...gee the cunts abuse until they canni listen Tae it anymore....they need hounded out a town


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Once again the sevco chairman challenges the SPFL,this time over advertising on jersey,s..
Who do we think will fold first..
Surely the SPFL can hammer the peepul with every sanction known to man for refusing to have the name Cinch added to their shirt
or do we think they will do the usual and roll over and get their belly rubbed.
Maybe now the gullibles will realise Park is doing this for his business not for their club..

Park had the biggest belly

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