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I see both he and Dundee have issued an apology. Said he was just trying to get it off the pitch. Looked like he meant to kick it into the stand though.
He's going to get that every game, I knew he would. He going to have to keep a lid on it though. Bad news for him is they face the Huns on Saturday, it will be 100 times worse.

green sprig

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I dont condone Griff for what he has allegedly done but I find it difficult to condemn him totally for what he has allegedly done
He did say he was kicking the flare into a safe area but unfortunately he caught the flare better than expected,some people might believe Griff some might not,but who are we to judge,I have never been called a pedo,my family therefore have never heard anybody call me a pedo..Griff has been called a pedo and his family have heard it,,his kids could have heard it,is it any wonder why he might have caught the flare better than expected.
Hindsight is a great thing but only if you are a clairvoyant,sure Griff should have thought about what he was doing just like everybody else who had just been called a pedo by about 500 football supporters,,can we imagine this happening at the new.. Cinch Ibroke Stadium.. to one of their own,they would have been suing the boot company for faulty boots..


John nó

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Hes been charged with reckless conduct ...fuckin pussies crying about a smoke bomb they launched getting kicked back at them ,a Cantona reaction woulda been more suitable in my book.
You just know that you're going to get the reaction from griff which makes him an easy target.
Got no idea why he wanted to stay in Scotland if he was serious about trying to get his career back on track with the amount of baggage he's carrying

John nó

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Cant see how they can possibly make it stick. All he needs to say is he didn't mean to kick it as hard as he did and he was afraid of burning himself by picking it up. Why don't they look at CCTV for the mug that threw it on there.
It sticks cause you can't deny the action, only saving grace from him was no one was injured.
Still been blown out of proportion still imo.